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Sunday, November 6, 2011

NBA Should Just Cancel Season Now As It Has Become A Sham

No matter how you look at it NBA commissioner David Stern should just cancel the NBA season as it has become a sham. The owners have given their latest proposal to the players that probably will not get voted on as it is not very good. Toss in the owners said that from here the offers will just get worse. The players are in a corner, but you will not force their hand at this point in the discussions. Look for the NBA season to be cancel in the not to distant future.

Neither side really wants a deal as they are both holding out for what they want and not willing to compromise. Cancelling the season is best as there has been to many lost games already. This way by cancelling the season both sides can work on getting the type of contract that both want. The NBA fans could care less about NBA basketball at this point anyways. They will just watch college basketball and other sports. The NBA is only hurting itself, but I guess they must learn that lesson the hard way.

NBA Owners Throw Players A Bone Will They Accept Latest Offer By Wednesday

The lines have been drawn in the sand and now it is time to see if the NBA players are united or the rank and file is crumbling. The NBA owners gave their latest proposal to the players and they have to Wednesday to decide on it. Do not look for the players to accept it and the lockout will go on. It is not much different than proposals in the past that the players have vetoed.

Owners and players are not on the same page and they are more interested in getting the best deal for them and not the NBA product or the fans, so this will go on. The NFL was able to work something out, so the NBA could as well. I guess you might as well figure no NBA this season, and that is a shame as they are hurting many average people who depend on the NBA as their source of income. Of course we are talking about millionaires, so they really do not care about the fan or average person in the end.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Will Fans Ever See An NBA Season?

Well the NBA has canceled the rest of the NBA Pre-Season and unless some progress is made by this coming Monday the NBA could start canceling some NBA games. It is a shame it has come to this, but that is where we are at. Both sides need to quit it and get a deal done. The NBA season needs to be the full 82 games and not a watered down season. The way it looks the NBA fans are the biggest loser in all of this and that is a shame.

The cancellation of the pre-season has hurt many workers and their families who rely on the revenue from the NBA. When is pro sports going to get it and learn they are not bigger than anyone else. Get a deal done so people can get back to work and watch the NBA. If this keeps up there is a good chance there will not be an NBA season. As a fan I'm at the point I really do not care anymore if there is one. I can always watch College Basketball, which many times is a lot better anyways.

Friday, September 23, 2011

NBA Delays Opening Camps And Pre-Season, Is Regular Season Next

It looks like both sides are digging in for a long stalemate and of course the fans are the ones getting screwed in it all. The NBA announced the delay of training camps and preseason, but the bigger question is could fans lose some of the their NBA season as well.

Both sides do not seem to want to budge and until that happens it will be a stalemate for both sides. This could drag on for sometime and that is a shame. The fans want to watch NBA basketball, but for now it will not be around anytime soon. Hopefully, the NBA and it's players will look at the bigger picture and get some kind of deal worked out. The way it looks that could be a long time away.

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