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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Is Dwight Howard Really Worth The Hassles?

It seems five or six teams are in the running to sign Dwight Howard for the upcoming season. My question is do you really want to deal with the hassles by signing him. I will admit that Howard does have talent, but talent alone does not guarantee you an NBA Championship. Dwight Howard has been with two teams and neither was a smooth road for him. I have lost count on how many times he threw his teammates under the bus, or the times he did not give a full effort on the court.

Dwight Howard could go down as one of the best big men ever, but I do not think it will play out that way. He does not understand it's about the team first and not him. Teams that want to sign him should beware of the baggage that comes along with him. If they do then they will not sign him. Maybe with the right coach and system Dwight Howard could equal his promise, but right now I do not see that anytime soon.

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