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Monday, November 23, 2020

The 4 Things We Must See From Nebraska vs Iowa

 After last week's debacle against Illinois, there are four things we need to see from Nebraska this week on the field of play. Let's look at these four critical areas of the team that need to see steady improvement.

1. We need to figure out the quarterback to lead this team. Both Adrian Martinez and Luke McCaffery are players who can get the job done, but so far neither has shown much. One of the biggest issues I have with both of these players are bad decision making and turnovers. You cannot have the leader of your team making bad decisions and turning the ball over. Play from the quarterback needs to be a lot better from the start of the game.

2. The Blackshirts must play a lot better as well. On defense, Nebraska is giving up too many rushing yards to opposing teams. Getting to the quarterback has been another issue as well. If you cannot rush the quarterback then you cannot expect your secondary to make up for it all the time. A pass rush is needed every week if you want to improve. Stopping the run should also be high on the list of priorities on defense as well.

3. The passing game is horrible as well. Receivers are not getting separation which makes it tough on the quarterback. Until our receivers do a better job of getting open the quarterback will continue to struggle. The running game is also something that must be improved. Once it does it will help open the passing games as well.

4. Coaching in the last game was totally unacceptable. Players were not ready to play and that falls on all aspects of coaching. A fake punt like Illinois did to Nebraska should never happen. This falls on coaching and cannot keep happening on a weekly basis. Coaching needs to lead the way and right now that's not what is happening.

After last week Nebraska needs to go back to the basics if they want to win. Play defense, move the ball on offense and get good coaching. Another week like last week is totally unacceptable.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Nebraska Falls To Northwestern 21-13 And Start Season 0-2

 The Nebraska Cornhuskers gave a great effort but fell short again this time by a score of 21-13 to the Northwestern Wildcats. Give Northwestern credit because in the second half they did not let the Cornhuskers score after down 13-7 at halftime. Nebraska had plenty of chances to pull this game out, but could not get the job done. Let's look at some of the problems the Cornhuskers encountered in this game.

Just like Ohio State, Nebraska had too many penalties that hurt them. Turnovers also were a problem as you must protect the ball. Adrian Martinez played three quarters and Luke McCaffery played the fourth quarter, but both quarterbacks made mistakes, so nothing has really changed in that department.

Nebraska still struggles to stretch the field. They have no wide receivers that they can count on play after play. The wide receivers we have need to be more consistent and get better separation from the defense. This would make it easier on the quarterbacks when it comes to throwing the ball.

In the end, Nebraska did not make enough plays to win this game. Nebraska played hard all game long so they have nothing to hang their heads about. They gave a great effort, but it just was not enough to win this game. Compared to last year this team has improved a lot. Scott Frost is getting this team competitive week after week and that is all you can ask.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Scott Frost Already Paying Dividends For Nebraska

When Nebraska hired Scott Frost they knew he would change the culture, but no one could imagine this fast. Within 90 minutes the Cornhuskers sold out their spring game. This is something that has not been done before. Frost has been a godsend for the Cornhuskers so far and they have not played a game yet.

Scott Frost has a lot of work ahead of him, but so far so good. The rabid fan base has showed how much they believe in Frost. Never has a spring game been sold out before. Hopefully, Frost will be able to bring Nebraska's program back to its old glory. If anyone can do this Frost is the guy for the job.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Nebraska Fire Riley But That Won't Stop Freefall

The Nebraska Cornhuskers parted ways with Coach Mike Riley after a dismal season yesterday. Firing him was a fore gone conclusion, but no matter who they bring in its a long climb up. Scott Frost is the guys Nebraska's faithful want to see, but that might not happen. Personally I do not want to see him get the job. Even though he has done a great job in Florida the competition level is much different then the Big Ten,

One of the biggest problems is getting top tier talent to Nebraska no matter whom the coach happens to be. The reality is Nebraska is no longer a destination for elite players and that is a shame. The Ohio States, Alabama, and Clemson get these players now. A big name coach and recruiter is what is needed. The problem is Nebrasska has never really been able to lure top coaching talent. This is why they are in the mess they are right now.

There are no easy answers right now for Nebraska. Getting the right coach is the first step to the rebuilding process. Finding him is going to be tough as other college teams have zeroed in our there coaches already. That's the one thing I hate about Nebraska they are always so slow to make changes or work on getting what they need. I'm sure this new hire will be the same way.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

It's Not If They Fire Mike Riley It Is When After Another Loss

Mike Riley came to Nebraska ready to change the Huskers fortunes, but just like the coaches before him he has not been able to find success. Many people ask me whats wrong with your Cornhuskers? It's really an easy answer they are horrible in all phases of football. Let's look at whats wrong with Nebraska and what coach can fix this problem.

The number one problem with the Cornhuskers is they are not very talented at all. In fact most of the players they have are average compared to the better teams in the country. This is why you see blowouts from Wisconsin and Ohio State all the time. Those teams have more talented players and it shows every Saturday when the Cornhuskers take the field. Getting better players is something the new coach will need to work on.

As far as the coach goes the name everyone seems to want is Scott Frost. Now I do not want to disappoint Husker fans, but I do not see him coming here and changing the Huskers losing culture. Nebraska needs a big name coach who has proven to be a winner in a big time program or an assistant under a big name coach. Don't get me wrong I love Scott Frost as a coach, but he is not the answer. We need a guy who knows how to win and knows what it takes to get there right now. The problem is how does Nebraska find him. All the good coaches are locked up.

I hope Nebraska brings in a coach that has a proven track record as Nebraska fans deserve better then they have seen the last few years. It won't be easy, but the AD better start making phone calls now. Mike Riley is a good man, but was never a good fit for Nebraska Football.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Are The Huskers For Real Or Is it Smoke And Mirrors?

When the Nebraska Cornhuskers were struggling last season many people wanted to see Mike Riley gone as coach, but what a difference a year happens to make. Nebraska lost a number close games last season, but the opposite has happened this season. Losing those close games has brought the team closer together, and coach Mike Riley has had a big part in making sure he did not lose the team.

This season the Cornhuskers have showed poise even after they made mistakes and it looked like things were going south. Give Riley and his staff credit for not giving up on this group. Another guy who has showed up big is Tommy Armstrong Jr. Last season he made alot of mistakes, but he learned from it. He has become the leader Nebraska has needed for a couple of years. How far can this group go?

In two weeks the Cornhuskers travel to play Wisconsin on the road. I feel this will give us a better gauge of how good Nebraska happens to be. Give the Cornhuskers credit they are playing good right now. Nebraska is rated No.12 and it has been a long time since fans could say that about their Cornhuskers. Only time will tell how far Nebraska can go, but at least they are headed in the right direction.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Can Nebraska Finally Get Over The Hump In The Big Ten?

I will admit I thought when Nebraska moved to the Big Ten it suited the kind of football they played, but so far it has been a bit of a rocky road. Nebraska at times have looked good, but for the most part they have looked downright horrible. Some games I will admit I was embarrassed the way they played especially against Wisconsin one year. Over the last few years there have been games that Nebraska fans have come away shaking there heads. Yes, Nebraska fans are passionate and many times they do cross the line on social media calling out coaches and players. Sometimes I wish it would not happen, but it does. Passionate fans is something Nebraska football is all about. Now back to the question can Mike Riley and the Nebraska Cornhuskers get over the hump this year?

Tommy Armstrong will be the key this season once again. I am hoping over the spring and summer he has worked on his decision making skills. Many times he made mistakes that cost Nebraska games because he was trying to do to much. With that said Armstrong also has the heart of a lion as well. He will give you all he has on every play. You really cannot ask any more of a player. I am critical of Tommy Armstrong at times, but I will take him any day of the week. He just needs to make better decisions with the ball this coming season.

I like the offense has they should be able to score points with the talent returning and what is coming in to the program. What worries me the most is the defense. We need a defense that can get stops when needed and that was not the case last season. Hopefully the defense will get better and the Blackshirts will be back. Can they get over the hump? The answer is yes if they get good play and some breaks go there way. This season the Big Ten will be tough, but with the right leadership on the team they will be very competitive this coming season.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Nebraska Hits All-Time Low In Loss To Purdue

Well the Nebraska Cornhuskers played Purdue on Saturday and as you can expect the Cornhuskers gave away another game. Turnovers and poor defensive play led to a 55-45 lost at Purdue. This puts the Cornhuskers 3-6 and must win there final three games to become bowl eligible. Does Nebraska really want to go to a bowl game after what we have seen in 2015. I think they should pass on any bowl invite unless they play lights out the final three games of the season.

This is one of the worse losses I have seen in a long time. Nebraska was forced to start Ryker Fyfe and he looked like a quarterback who had not played in a long time. He turned the ball over and at times looked horrible. He was not the only one though as the defense got shredded again for big chunks of yardage. Nebraska has become a National joke to other teams and in the press box.

Mike Riley was brought in to get the program where they said Bo Pelini failed to get them. I can truthfully say it was never this bad under Bo. Nebraska has had injuries and some bad luck, but to lose to a one win team is not accepted and never will be in Nebraska football. Will Mike Riley be fired? The chances are he will not, but you never know these days. This loss was a black eye for the program that needed something positive.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Nebraska Finds Itself On The Losing End Again On The Final Play

Now I will admit Mike Riley was not my first choice to coach the Nebraska Cornhuskers, but you really cannot put all these losses at his doorsrep. Nebraska has loss there four games on last plays in the game. Some of this has to do with coaching, but not all of it. Some of this should be put on bad luck, but also some on the players. The hail mary should never had happened at all, but it did. Players have to be more accountable for there play on the field if they want to stop losing. Against Wisconsin Nebraska had a chance to run the clock out and savior a victory, but they could not get a first down. Then the defense let Wisconsin drive down the field for a field goal. Yes, Mike Riley has some blame, but the players also must play better if they want to win ball games.
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports
As far as Mike Riley goes he is really going to feel the heat in Nebraska this week. Until he stops losing games in the final minutes the fans and media will be all over him about it. He seems like a good guy, but the bottom line is Nebraska football fans do not like to lose at all. They have been use to winning for so long losing eats at them from the inside. They get on social media and anywhere else people will listen to them. Yes, they are passionate fans and they want to win bad. Mike Riley realizes that and he wants to win as well.
Nebraska college football will be alright once they start winning again, but the reality of it is that is going to be tough. The remaining schedule is not easy at all. The likes of Northwestern, Minnestoa, Iowa, Rutgers, Purdue, and Michigan State will not be easy.  All these teams are playing decent and will be tough wins to get considering the way the Cornhuskers are playing right now. It will be interesting to see how Nebraska bounces back from the latest defeat. If they lose again the pressure will just get hotter for Mike Riley

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nebraska Struggling Under Mike Riley

What's wrong with Cornhusker Nation? The truth is right now there is good, bad, and ugly when you talk about Nebraska College Football.  Let's start with the good and many people will probably wonder why I  would name this as the good about Nebraska football. I consider very lucky to write about the passionate fans we have that follow the team. Yes, sometimes they may go over the edge and say things that are not always popular with people. This is called passion and sometimes certain fans will cross the line. When you write about Nebraska college football you must understand that fans sometimes they will say hurtful things to you but its because of the passion. I rather have passionate fans then fans who do not care at all.

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports
Now the bad of Nebraska college football is simple these days losing games that they should win. No matter whom the coach has been recently it seems games we should win we lose. Under Mike Riley it has been real bad and his 2-3 start is not a good thing in Husker Nation. Riley took a job with alot of expectations and right now he is not reaching them. It's getting bad, but Mike Riley has seen nothing yet especially if he continues to lose ball games. Nebraska fans are about winning and do not want excuse they want wins. Until Riley does that he will take a lot of heat from the fans on and off the field.
When it comes to the ugly that is easy it's the blowout losses. Yes, Riley has really not faced that year, but it seems every coach recently has had this problem. If Riley suffers some blowout  losses the heat will really come down on Riley. Some people did not want Riley hired, so when he struggles the negativity will really come to the forefront. Hopefully things will get better for Husker Nation, but I do not see that rifght now. Talentwise Nebraska is not the ebst. It's getting better, but they have a long way to go. Husker Nation will always be my favorite win or lose.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mike Riley Nebraska's Latest Savior

The Nebraska Cornhuskers were in search of a capable replacement for fired coach Bo Pelini. Apparently, the search was not as extensive as we first thought it would be. Nebraska settled on Mike Riley from Oregon State as there next head coach. Let's see a show of hands who like this hire. I will admit being a long time Husker fan I do have my reservations about Riley as the head coach.

Yes, Riley has won some Bowl games, but is not the kind of guy that has a Championship resume that the Cornhuskers were looking for. Many people think the Cornhuskers could have gotten a better coach and they are probably correct. I am sure Nebraska asked around, but really probably got no one that wanted to leave their programs for the Huskers.

Mike Riley is a good coach and given enough time he maybe able to get the program going where it needs to be. I do know he has some big wins and he is a like able kind of guy. Hopefully, that will transfer into more star players coming to Nebraska. I guess we will just have to wait and see how it all works out. Right now like him or hate him Mike Riley will lead the Cornhuskers into the 2015 season.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Why Bo Pelini Should Stay As Coach

It seems everyone lately has been calling for Bo Pelini to be fired and I will admit I was one of them as well. After watching Nebraska play Michigan State I have a change of heart. I seen some good things in the loss that made me rethink his firing. Now Michigan State had the no.1 defense in the country and Nebraska did a good job moving the ball on them. The Cornhuskers never gave up and kept fighting. That is what you want to see in your football team. Bo Pelini was without Taylor Martinez which did not help either. Toss in five turnovers and that is a recipe to get beat in college football. At times this season Nebraska has not played well, but I think they are heading in the right direction. This s why a change is not necessary right now. Sticking the course in my opinion is the most logical choice. image

Monday, January 2, 2012

Nebraska Under Performs Once Again In Big Game

The Nebraska Cornhuskers failed to impress in another big game this season, which should not be a shocker for Husker fans. South Carolina's quarterback Connor Shaw threw for 230 yards and two touchdowns as South Carolina defeated Nebraska by a score of 30-13 in the Capital One Bowl In Orlando. It marked the first time the Gamecocks reached the 11 win mark in their college football history.

For the Nebraska Cornhuskers another end to a season that seems to be a recurring theme. Nebraska struggles to beat good teams or they just plain beat themselves. Just down three at halftime 16-13 Nebraska came out in the second half flat with miscues and penalties. Against a good coached team like South Carolina you just cannot do that and win. Nebraska does have a lot of talent, but unless they clean up the issues that have plagued them all season long the same thing will happen next season. Nebraska football will end the season with another loss.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Penn State Falls To Nebraska 17-14 As Healing Process Starts

Penn State has had a rough week and they could not overcome Rex Burkhead and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Burkhead ran for 121 yards and a touchdown for Nebraska (8-2, 4-2) before the Nittany Lions scored 14 points on two second-half touchdown runs by Stephfon Green. It was a tough day for the Nittany Lions who played without their coach Joe Paterno who was fired this week. It had to be tough on the players to get ready for the game, but they never quit and played hard throughout the game.

A touching moment before the game can when Nebraska and Penn State players should solidarity on the field before the game. It was a great thing that the Nebraska team to do, as it showed that the game was just a side note to the horrible things that have been going on at Penn State, that very few seemed to know about. Many people thought they should have cancelled the game, but that would not have been fair to the fans or the players who had nothing to do with it. In the end, it was a good game and Penn State should be proud of their football team and their fans for keeping it classy all the way through.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Taylor Martinez Silents Critics As He Leads Nebraska to 34-27 win Over Ohio State

Last week when Taylor Martinez threw three interceptions many people took shots at him, but he did not mind he kept his poise and moved on. Down 20-6 at halftime to Ohio State it was Taylor Martinez and the Huskers defense that silent their critics. Martinez played a brilliant second half and Nebraska scored 28 unanswered points for a 34-27 win over the Buckeyes.

For awhile it looked like it was going to be a repeat for the Nebraska Cornhuskers as the defense was getting shredded by the Buckeyes offense. In the second half, the defense played much better and Taylor Martinez showed people what he can do with his feet and his arm. Martinez made all the right plays and grew up as a quarterback on this night.

Many people do not realize that he only has a number of starts under his belt and he will make mistakes just like he did against Wisconsin. This time he came through when it counted. Martinez is growing as a quarterback and only will get better. This time around Martinez is all smiles as he led Nebraska to victory.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nebraska Gets Rude Welcome To Big Ten In Form Of 48-17 Rout By Wisconsin

Nebraska did not expect a warm welcome to the Big Ten, so after the 48-17 rout by the Wisconsin Badgers they now know what to expect rest of the season. Early, it looked like Nebraska was ready to play, but that was just smoke and mirrors it seemed. Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson shredded the Cornhuskers defense with his feet and his arm. Nebraska really had no answers for Wilson all night long and the rout was on.

Taylor Martinez was suppose to help keep Nebraska in the game, but he struggled to hold onto the ball and threw three interceptions. When you are playing on the road those are mistakes that you just cannot make and win. This was not the way a Nebraska football team usually plays under Bo Pelini, but you have to give Wisconsin credit they came to play. Wisconsin is tough at home and they showed why they are a National Title contender once again.

Not all is lost for the Cornhuskers with this loss. They could win rest of there games and get to the Big Ten Championship against most likely Wisconsin. Unless they play better though the second possible match-up could be a rout as well.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Is Nebraska Ready For The Big Ten?

All the contracts have been sign and now Nebraska must get ready for Big Ten play shortly. Are the Cornhuskers and their fans over confident entering the Big Ten? Many people wonder if Nebraska can adjust to playing in different venues and a different style of college football. The truth is the Big Ten style actually fits into the mode that Nebraska has played for many years. Line up and see who buckles first.

Running the ball has always been something Nebraska has done well and they will continue to do it in the Big Ten nothing will change there. The one thing that Nebraska will have to get use to is the pride factor that each Big Ten team has and will show them week after week. Big Ten teams know Nebraska is good, and they want to prove they can play with them on a consistent basis. Being over confident is something Nebraska must not let happen if they want to win a Big Ten title. Nothing has changed for the Cornhuskers they still must perform at a high level if they want to reach their goals. Big Ten or Big 12 you must perform on the field week after week.

Bo Pelini will have the Cornhuskers ready for the Big Ten, but you cannot go in over confident or counting on wins. You have to treat each game as important not looking past any opponent. The Big Ten has many good teams that would love to say they beat Nebraska in their first season in the Big Ten. Over confidence is something Nebraska must stay away in their first season in the Big Ten.

Big Ten Legends Preview: Your Winner Is?

Today we will look at the Big Ten Legends Division and predict the winner and where others will finish. This is an interesting division and should be fun to watch for Big Ten fans all season long. Let's get started with the preview and crown the Legends Big Ten Winner.

6th:-Minnesota Golden Gophers

It seems Minnesota always struggles in college football and being in the legends division does not help them one bit. The biggest problem for the Gophers is they just do not have enough talent to compete and it will be another dismal year in Minnesota.

5th:-Michigan Wolverines

Michigan has fallen a long way in a short time. After a horrible performance in the Gator Bowl Michigan decided they needed a new coach and brought in Brady Hoke. Michigan has weapons on offense with QB Denard Robinson and others. On defense they gave up a lot of yards last year, but should be better. It is going to take some time.

4th: Michigan State Spartans

Not alot was expected of Michigan State last season and they pulled on a 11-2 record. The schedule was favorable and they had some luck on their side as well. I do not see Michigan State having such luck this season though. Sparty must go to Notre Dame, Ohio State, Nebraska, Iowa and Northwestern. That makes it real tough on them.

3rd: Iowa Hawkeyes

Iowa was a disappointment in 2010 after a good season in 2009. It seems when Iowa disappoints one year they come back the next year with a vengeance. I look for it to be that way this season. Look for Iowa to be much better this coming season.

2nd: Northwestern Wildcats

Northwestern had a great year, but it could have been much better. If quarterback Dan Persa can stay healthy the sky is the limit for Northwestern. They no longer are a surprise in the Big Ten and could challenge for the title.

1st: Nebraska Cornhuskers

Nebraska comes from the Big 12 to the Big Ten, but it should not be that much of an adjustment for them. The Cornhuskers have loads of talent on both sides of the ball and should win the Legends division without a problem. The adjustment period should not last long for them.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Why Taylor Martinez Needs A Passing Game To Take That Next Step

Taylor Martinez came onto the scene last year an made an impact no Cornhusker fan could have expected or even dreamed about. For some time Martinez was being mentioned as a Heisman Trophy candidate, but after some injuries that dream was gone. If Nebraska has envisions of a National Championship they must keep Taylor Martinez healthy this season. Last season, Martinez threw for 1,631 yards last season and rushed for 1,195 yards. Those were great numbers, but could have been a lot better. If Taylor Martinez wants to take the next step the Cornhuskers he must have a passing game.

Last season Nebraska expected too much from Martinez. Early in the season he was able to make big plays, but later in the season teams knew he would not hurt them with his arm. That will need to change if Martinez and the Huskers have National Championship ideas. By getting a passing game it will also limit the hits Martinez will have to take, which should cut down on the injuries. If Nebraska continues to ask Martinez to do it without a passing game he will not make through a full season with the Huskers. It is paramount for Nebraska to keep Taylor Martinez upright and give him a legitimate passing game this season.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nebraska Joined Big Ten For The Wrong Reasons

Now being a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan when I heard they were moving to the Big Ten I gasped, and just shook my head. My fellow Big Ten friends told me how fortunate I should feel that Nebraska is coming to the best conference in the country. I did point out the Big Ten’s record in championship games is not exactly something to write home about.

When I heard all the reasons that Tom Osborne gave for leaving for the Big Ten it still did not put me at ease. The bottom line is Nebraska is leaving for the Big Ten for all the wrong reasons. The move is mostly for academics and money. It’s not about sports as the Big Ten has never really in recent years been a dominate conference in football or basketball. When the Big Ten tossed cash Nebraska’s way they jumped at the chance.

Yes, Nebraska will do fine in football and other sports in the Big Ten, but really what do they gain from it. A larger recruiting base, but the same teams will be the ones Nebraska will still have to beat to win a National Championship. The Oklahoma’s, Texas, and you pick the SEC team will still be in their way. Switching conferences will not change that. Nebraska switched for all the wrong reasons, but in the end we all know money was one of the biggest factors in it.

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