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Sunday, December 27, 2020

Browns Had Chance To Make Playoffs Against Lowly Jets But Lose A Game They Should Have Won

 The Cleveland Browns have had a crazy last 36 hours and it ended with a loss to the lowly New York Jets by a score of 23-16. Cleveland was shorthanded as many offensive players were in Covid-19 protocol and did not make the trip to New York. Did the Browns miss these players? Yes, but you still have to win with who you have on the team. The sad part is Cleveland came out and looked like a team that had nothing to play for at all. The New York Jets looked like the hungry team that had something to play for even though they did not.

Baker Mayfield struggled throughout the game missing open receivers and turning the ball over. When you do those two things you really do not have much chance of winning. Cleveland did not run the ball very well against a Jets team that was horrible on defense and missing players as well. All in all, Cleveland was not prepared for this game at all. The play calling was questionable at best as well. Running the ball is what Cleveland does well, but was abandoned way to early in my opinion.

Now the Browns must win against Pittsburgh and hope they get some help along the way. If they do not it will be another year the Browns miss the playoffs. At least this season the Browns have been competitive that is something they can build on if they miss the playoffs this season.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Browns Lay Another Egg To Open Season As Jets Win 31-10

The dawn of a new season in Cleveland and Browns fans are optimistic of a great season, but again reality hit them right in the face. It looked for a few minutes the Cleveland Browns had turned the corner, but Josh McNown fumbled the ball into the end zone and it was downhill there for the Browns and their fans as well.. Maybe the one bright spot for the day was Johnny Manziel threw for a touchdown and did not play that bad.

It's too bad the Browns had no other real highlights as the Jets rolled to a easy 31-10 win over the hapless Browns. Cleveland looked horrible for most of the day. Turnovers and dropped balls were the order of the day. Cleveland could really do nothing right consistently unless you count turnovers. This was a game i felt the Browns had an outside chance to win, but it looks like they are much worse than I thought.

Well Browns fans have one way to look at it there is always next week. Cleveland looks like a team that could be looking at a very long season if they lose next week. I guess Browns fans are used to losing so they should be able to handle it.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rex Ryan Will Continue As Jets Coach Despite The Teams Struggles

Rex Ryan must have nine lives as he will continue as the New York Jets head coach. I will be honest I thought Ryan was going to get fired win or lose today, but he did not. Ryan did get the Jets to play better down the stretch and his team always plays hard. I think that had something to do with him staying as Jets head coach.

Now that the Jets have decided on a coach what are they going to do at quarterback. Is keeping Geno Smith a goood option? Many times he struggled during the season, but he is young. The Jets have many questions in the off-season to answer if they want to be competitive in 2014.

The one thing that they do not have to worry about is finding a coach. I think Rex Ryan needs to go deep in playoffs to keep his job next season. I hope the Jets do not keep him if he struggles again next season.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tim Tebow Makes His Jet's Debut

Tim Tebow was brought to the New York Jets with a lot of fanfare, but in his first pre-season game there was nothing real super about his performance. He did run around a little, and threw one interception on a 5 for 9 night. Tebow is a good scrambler, but you cannot tell much from a pre-season game. Tebow is expected to excite New York and he may before it’s all said and done.

Last night though it was an average performance for a pre-season game. People expect great things from him no matter if it is a pre-season game or regular season. He does put people in the seats and that is a good thing for football. When the season starts though he will be on the bench getting in on special plays designed for him. Tebow may get his chance in New York, but only if the starting quarterback gets hurt. Tebow is still a work in progress and I think the New York Jets understand this when they got him. For his legion of fans they want to see him no matter how good or bad he plays.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can Tim Tebow Handle The New York Pressure?

Now that Tim Tebow is officially a New York Jet can he handle this tough market. Most people who go to New York the first time is all smile just like Tim Tebow happens to be. Over time, they learn that this is a very tough market and has become even tougher one. If Tim Tebow struggles he will hear the boo birds very quickly and without hesitation. This is why it is in Tebow's best interest to start quickly and have a very good season. This way he can keep the Jets fans on his side.

In the end if Tim Tebow wants to have a productive career in New York he must be steady from the start. This means he must perform at a very high level when called upon. Most people who struggle playing in the New York market just cannot handle the expectations pace on you. It is a different kind of market, but one where the fans treat you well if you play well. It's all ion Tim Tebow's hands now and the question is how will he handle it.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Will Tim Tebow Trade Come Back To Haunt The Broncos?

The Denver Broncos sent Tim Tebow packing once they knew they had Peyton Manning under lock and key. Was this a wise move by Denver? In my opinion this move could come back to haunt the Denver Broncos. It is a good move if the Broncos win a Super Bowl, but what happens if Manning gets hurt again. They will be in a lot of trouble. Tebow could have learned a lot of things from Peyton Manning to improve his game.

Trading Tebow away is not a move I like by the Broncos. John Elway made a lot of great moves, but I do not think this was one of his better moves. Getting Manning was a great, but having a good back-up is also critical. I think Tim Tebow would have been an excellent backup plan, but now that is not possible. I guess we will have to see how this all plays out for Tim Tebow.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jets End Losing Streak With 24-6 Win Over Dolphins

The New York Jets have been struggling, but they have found someone that is playing worse than they are the Miami Dolphins. The Jets got a touchdown return on a Darrell Revis interception and the offense did enough to get a easy 24-6 win over the Miami Dolphins. The win ended the Jets three game losing streak and talk about the Jets fighting in the locker room for at least one week. Mark Sanchez was 14 for 25 for 201 yards and a touchdown. The Jets needed this win as a loss to the Dolphins could have marked a very long season for them.

For the Miami Dolphins who now stand 0-5 it has turned to when will Tony Sparano be fired as Dolphins coach. Brandon Marshall did not get tossed like he said he would and actually had a decent game for the Dolphins. The Dolphins have a lot of injuries and are not very good right now. I think a new coach is needed and it probably will not be long before the Dolphins get a new one. Miami needs a new direction and a coach is the only thing that can bring that right now.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tony Romo Has Another Cowboy Meltdown In Loss To Jets

Tony Romo can look like the next coming of Roger Staubach, but at times he can also have meltdowns that cost the Dallas Cowboys games. Last night, he had another one of his meltdowns as the Dallas Cowboys lost to the New York Jets by a score of 27-24. It looked like the Cowboys and Romo were going to start the season out right, but Romo fumbled and threw an interception in the final seconds to seal the Cowboys fate.

Throughout his career Tony Romo has made it a habit of costing his team games. Last night, his teammates came to his defense, but how much longer can they do that when he is costing them games. It would be okay if Romo had led the Cowboys to a Super Bowl, but he has not. Everyone knows in the league that Romo buckles under pressure and against good teams it always seems to happen. There is going to come a time when Jerry Jones is going to have to rethink his decision about Romo being the guy to lead the Cowboys. If losses keep piling up like this changes may need to be made.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Plaxico Burress Lands With The J-E-T-S!

Now everyone had Plaxico Burress going to a New York team, but it was the Giants not the New York Jets. Other teams showed interest as well, but Burress decided on $3.017 million fully guaranteed from the Jets. He was scheduled to go to the 49ers for an interview, but that was scrapped after the Jets called and made their offer to him.

Burress is fresh out of jail and has not played for almost two years. Earlier in the week the Jets signed Santonio Holmes and now with Burress it looks like Braylon Edwards is the odd man out of New York. Burress is a big play receiver who will help the Jets out a lot if he can regain his old form quickly. It will be interesting to see how long it takes him to get back up to speed. No matter what the Jets have a great set of bookend wide outs for another Super Bowl run.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Santonio Holmes Agrees To Five Year Deal With Jets

The New York Jets wanted to keep Santonio Holmes and today they did just that. Holmes agreed to a five year deal with the Jets. Holmes is a good receiver who will make that tough catch when you need it. The Jets could not afford to let him go as Mark Sanchez needs Holmes and Braylon Edwards back as well. Now that the Jets have Holmes under contract will they sign Braylon Edwards next.

Signing Santonio Holmes was a great move by the Jets, but it cannot end there though. Getting Braylon Edwards back is just as important in my opinion. If they only sign Holmes he will be double covered and ineffective. By signing Edwards the Jets can have two big targets for Sanchez and that will make it so much easier on him. I guess we will have to see what the Jets are thinking, but do not be surprised if Edwards is back as well.

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