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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Will Hue Jackson Get Another Year In Cleveland?

Hue Jackson is hoping this isn't the end of the road for him, but with a record of 1-26 as Browns coach, many think he will be let go. I tell people that is not a done deal just yet. We are talking about the Cleveland Browns and they are always dysfunctional, so you never know what could happen with Hue Jackson. Let's look at why Hue Jackson could be given one more year to right the ship.

The amazing part with a record of 1-26 almost half of the fans of the Browns want him back as their coach. Now I really don't think ownership looks at polls, but it is a telling stat. Jackson still has a following in Cleveland no matter the record. Another important thing that Hue Jackson has going for him his team has not quit on him. Most teams that are 1-26 usually quit, but his team has not. You can credit him or his players, but that's a very important thing he has going for himself.

Do I think Hue Jackson deserves another year? That's tough to answer, but you have to ask yourself is there someone better to do the job. I think front office changes are needed first. Getting football people in the decision making would make a big difference. I mean when you can't get a trade completed you have some serious issues. I expect Hue Jackson to be back another year, but the leash will be very short and he will need to win quickly n 2018.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Would The 49ers Made It A Closer Super Bowl Game?

Now that the Super Bowl is over we. An reflect on many different things.  Yes, the Seattle Seahawks are the best right now in the NFL and there is no doubt in that thinking at all. They dismantled the Broncos with ease. The real question is should we change the format in choosing the best in the NFL.

The San Francisco 49ers without a doubt are the second best team in the NFL. They also got a win against Seattle and maybe should have been playing for the championships. One thing they need to change is AFC vs NFC. Right now the two best teams in the NFL are in the NFC. Having Seattle play San Francisco in the Super Bowl would have been a much better game. Maybe the NFL should consider adopting this change.

Friday, July 22, 2011

NFL Fumbles Away The Hall Of Fame Game

The NFL has canceled the Hall Of Fame game that was slated for Aug. 7 pitting the St. Louis Rams and the Chicago Bears. This will mark the first time in 45 years that this annual game will be missed. It's a financial blow to the Hall of Fame, which could lose about $1.5 million out of its $20 million annual operating budget. And it's a big loss for the community, which gets more than just a financial boost from the event. The community rallies around this event and the enshirement will take place on Aug. 6th, but the football game will be missing.

In my opinion the NFL fumbled this away and should be ashamed of itself for doing it to the loyal fans in Canton, Ohio. If the NFL wanted to play the game they could have even if it would have only been a lite scrimmage. The City of Canton and people deserve lot better from the NFL. They should hang their head in shame that they let this game get away from them. Canton has always been their for the NFL, but now the NFL tells Canton too bad.

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