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Monday, January 14, 2019

Kyler Murray Declares For Draft Is Baseball Or Football His Real Future

Kyler Murray declared for the NFL Draft which should not come as a shock to anyone. Murry is a two sports star and must decide between football and baseball. The Oakland A's have the right to Murray and will try to persuade him to play baseball instead of football. Will Oakland have any luck persuading Murray to just stick to baseball?

Now Murray is a great athlete and will do well at whichever sport he chooses. Looking over his college baseball stats and he was a good player. Nothing super really stands out to you from the first look. Over time he will become a better player, but becoming a superstar in baseball could be a stretch, but you never know.

Now football it seems to be more suited to his talents. He is a quarterback and he feels nature in that position it seems. He has had great numbers at Oklahoma and showed why many people believe he has a future in the NFL. The only real knock on him is his height. He is not real talent and some talent scouts think that could hinder him at the next level. I like Murray as an NFL quarterback and I think he will be very good if put in the right system. Only time will tell what he decides, but I'm leaning towards football.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Could Josh Allen Save The Browns?

We are starting a series of articles on the quarterbacks and how each could fit into the Cleveland Browns plans.  First up is Josh Allen the rocket arm quarterback from Wyoming.  In recent days the rumors have been flying that he is becoming a favorite in Cleveland. I do not know if that is true,  but let's take a look at Mr. Allen.

Josh Allen played college football for Wyoming and one look at his stats and you wonder why anyone would take him in the first round.  His stats really do not jump off at you and say I'm the best.  Even with that said many people have him as a top prospect.  There are many reasons people love Josh Allen and what he can do.  I will admit I really like his skill set as well.

Allen has a body to play quarterback and without a doubt  his arm strength is top notch.  I think without a doubt he has the strongest  arm in the draft. The knock on Allen is his low completion percentage and his in ability to make routine throws on a consistent basis.

Josh Allen has plenty of upside and virtually an unlimited ceiling.  If he went to Cleveland he would have Hue Jackson to tutor him and others with experience at that position.  There is no doubt that Allen will be a project as you will need to clean up some of his flaws. One thing that will help him is a good receiving core.  Many times an inconsistent quarterback can look alot better with great receivers to throw too.
In the end Cleveland must decide if they are willing to take a guy on who is a work in progress. Allen has a high ceiling so that could be just enough to persuade the Browns to pick him real early.

Friday, April 13, 2018

NFL Draft: Why Its So Hard To Hit On A Quarterback

Maybe one of the toughest things for NFL teams to do is find the perfect quarterback in the NFL Draft. Why is that?  It comes down to a few things that many people just do not look at when they draft quarterbacks.  No matter how talented a quarterback maybe they must fit into the system they are going to in the NFL.  Some quarterbacks play better in certain systems.  If you look over the years you will see many quarterbacks with talent but struggled during their careers.

Another big part of projecting a quarterbacks success is how well they mess with the players around them.  Certain quarterbacks are more comfortable with a certain type of receiver while others it does not matter.  A running game is also very important in the early years for a quarterback.  The less you ask them to do the better.  As they get more experience they will become better, but throwing them to the sharks to early is a recipe for disaster.

Lastly,  coaching cannot be underestimated either.  Finding a quarterback that meshes with a coach early using will find success much quicker.  Coaches and quarterbacks that butt heads will lead to more on the field issues then people realize.  Having a coach that molds and understands there quarterback usually means quicker success down the road.

As you can see there is alot of things going into picking a quarterback  in the NFL draft.  This is why so many quarterbacks eventually are label NFL busts.  Finding the perfect fit is tough as the quarterback graveyard of what might have been will continue to grow.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Josh Allen Has A Cannon For An Arm But Is He The Best?

I will admit I have not seen a lot of Josh Allen and not many of his games. I thought I would check out his pro day and I was very impressed to say the least. He is a big strong guy with a cannon for an arm. Many people say that he reminds them of John Elway and I can see that as well. Is Allen the best in this years group of quarterbacks? He could very well be, but only time will tell.

Josh Allen did not hurt himself on his pro day. I am sure he opened up a lot of eyes with his performance. Where he lands in the draft it's hard to say, but he seems like he has all the tools to be a good NFL quarterback in the future.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Will Johnny Manziel Find The Same Fate As Tim Tebow In The End?

Johnny Manziel was the talk of college football for the last couple years, but is he worthy of a high draft pick. Will he become another Tim Tebow eventually, or does he have what it takes for a long pro football career? First I do not think he will be another Tim Tebow. He is able to make all kinds of throws which Tebow has struggled to do. Manziel has a football attitude which includes doing whatever it takes to won football games.

Is drafting Manziel a good idea for some NFL teams? It is on one condition. If you want to draft Johnny Football you must have the proper talent around him. Secondly, you must run an offensive system that will utilize his talents. If you just draft him and think you are going to win it will not happen. The right fit is very important if Johnny Manziel is going to be successful. Every team should precede with caution unless they have everything in place to let Johnny Manziel do his thing. That thing is to win ballgames, but he cannot do it alone.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

NFL Draft Must See Television Anymore

The NFL Draft many years ago was really not a big thing, but that has sure changed. The NFL Draft is now on prime time and the fans love it. This years draft though may not have as much excitement as past drafts, but you never know. The Colts and Redskins already have their picks they have decided on, so this means the third pick could be interesting to say the least. Many people do not know what the Minnesota Vikings will do or even if they will keep it. Many teams are trying to move up in the draft and that always makes it exciting for the fans.

Andrew Luck will go no.1 and Robert Griffin III will go second, but after that it is anyone's guess. The NFL has marketed the Draft very well and with great college players coming out year after year look for it to grow. The excitement this year will probably be picks 3-15 and any number of teams could move up and down the board. It will be interesting to see what teams do and who they are willing to trade to get the player that they want.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Is Andrew Luck A Franchise Quarterback?

Andrew Luck has been told he will be the Indianapolis Colts No.1 pick, but is he a franchise quarterback the Colts need. That question is a tough one to answer for a number of reasons. Andrew Luck has all the tools to be great in the league, but so did many other quarterbacks coming into the league. Another thing that Andrew Luck will have going against him is he will always be in Peyton Manning's shadow no matter what he does. The only chance he will he will have to escape it is win multiple Super Bowls and that is many years away even if he wins any at all. The Colts are not very good and I think Luck will have a hard time to find his groove. Yes, Luck is a franchise quarterback, but the question is will he have enough talent around him ever to see that happen.

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