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Friday, October 14, 2011

Nyjer Morgan Brewers Loud Spark Plug

When the Milwaukee brewers traded for Nyjer Morgan they knew they were not getting any choir boy. They were getting a guy who could play baseball, but sometimes his antics overshadowed his talent on the field. Morgan has been a little tamer this season, but not much. He still talks a lot and plays baseball very well though. He also has been a main reason the Milwaukee Brewers are one step away from the World Series.

Last night Morgan had a critical double, but was quiet and really did not have much to say after the game. Even though the Brewers won the game Morgan not talking is something that does not happen often. He usually loves to be in front of the camera talking. It was a departure from the Tony Plush Nyjer Morgan Brewers fans have come to know. No matter what Morgan has been a loud spark plug that the Brewers have needed this season and his contribution has been huge during the 2011 run into the playoffs.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zack Greinke Adds Fuel To The Fire As He Calls Out Chris Carpenter

Now it is weird that you would hear Zack Greinke saying anything, but he has added fuel to the fire when the series between the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals open tomorrow. Greinke called Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter phony which should just put more fuel on the fire. Both of these teams do not like each other, so this will just bring more tension to this series.

Brewers rabble-rousing center fielder Nyjer Morgan got in a heated confrontation with Carpenter late in the regular season—yet another sign that the two NL Central rivals don’t like each other much. Both teams really do not like each other,so it should be an interesting series. I expect to see tempers flare and a few bench clearing incidents before this one is said and done.

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