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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Dave Parker Battling Parkinson's But Has Had A Full Life If You Ask Him

Dave Parker was a vital part to the Pittsburgh Pirates run to the World Series back in 1979. He is battling Parkinson's Disease, but it is not in the advanced stages yet. He has kept quiet about it as only a few family members and friends knew about it. Parker says he has lived a full life making an impact in baseball and he has had the chance to watch his kids grow. Parker was a great MLB player who many times was misunderstood. He help the Pirates win a championship and was a two-time batting champ along with a league MVP.

His sister is also battling the disease, but he says it is in a more advanced stage then his own. Hopefully, things will work out for Parker and he will live a number more years. he was a great baseball player and you hate seeing things like this happen to anyone. Dave Parker will always be remembered for the We Are Family years with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Stay well Mr. Parker and let's hope you live a long life.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pirates Grab Their 19th Straight Losing Season With Loss To St. Louis

The Pittsburgh Pirates have clinched their 19th consecutive losing a record for a major league franchise in North America. The Pirates looked like 2011 would be different for them as on July 20 the Pirates were 51-44 and led the NL Central by a half-game. Since that time though the Pirates have gone 16-38 since, and at 67-82 are ensured of another sub.-500 record.

Pirates fans deserve better, but another losing season will go into the books for them. I really thought this would be the year they broke the string, but it will not happen this year. Clint Hurdle had them playing well for awhile, but it is the Pirates and apparently losing continues to be a tradition with them.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pittsburgh Pirates Making People Believe Once Again

For the last 18 years when we would talk about the Pittsburgh Pirates it was always in a negative since. Fast forward to 2011 and that is no longer the case anymore. With each comeback and win the Pittsburgh Pirates and their fans are starting to believe this team can do great things. The surprising Pirates, who lead the NL Central by a half-game over Milwaukee and 1½ games over St. Louis entering Wednesday’s games, also are enjoying improved results at the box office. This has made the Team President come out and say they may add players before and after the trading deadline.

This is not the same Pirates that we use to laugh of and made fun of anymore. Last season they only won 57 games. In 2011 they have won 50 already. It looks like the Pirates and the Brewers along with the Cardinals could battle for the National League Central Crown. If the Pirates do win the division this has to go down as the best sports story in 2011. Who would have guessed the Pirates could come so far so quickly. Maybe one guy did their manager Clint Hurdle. It seems he has a way of getting players to believe and win. Today, the Pirates did lose 3-1, and if the Brewers win they could find themselves in second place. No matter what who would have thought the Pirates would be where they are at today.

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