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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can Tim Tebow Handle The New York Pressure?

Now that Tim Tebow is officially a New York Jet can he handle this tough market. Most people who go to New York the first time is all smile just like Tim Tebow happens to be. Over time, they learn that this is a very tough market and has become even tougher one. If Tim Tebow struggles he will hear the boo birds very quickly and without hesitation. This is why it is in Tebow's best interest to start quickly and have a very good season. This way he can keep the Jets fans on his side.

In the end if Tim Tebow wants to have a productive career in New York he must be steady from the start. This means he must perform at a very high level when called upon. Most people who struggle playing in the New York market just cannot handle the expectations pace on you. It is a different kind of market, but one where the fans treat you well if you play well. It's all ion Tim Tebow's hands now and the question is how will he handle it.

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