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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Did Mack Brown And Texas Make The Right Decision?

Texas and Mack Brown have decided to part ways with Brown resigning from his head coaching duties. According to Mack Brown he thought long and hard about it before making this decision. Is this the right move for Texas? The Texas Longhorn fan base is use to playing for titles and the last few years that just has not been the case. Brown has had a few down years, but he also had outside forces who wanted him out making it tougher. If you want to win you must have everyone on board and Brown did not. Where does this leave the Texas program at?

The Longhorns need to bring in a guy that has a big name and can recruit players. Texas is one of the best jobs in college football and needs someone that understands this from the start. He also needs to be able to handle the pressure and media as well, as both will be a constant with Texas Longhorn football.

Winning will cure all that ails the Longhorn program. Getting the right person as coach is the key. Taking time to find the right individual is very important. If they do not they could be looking for a new coach again in a few years.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Texas Longhorns Atop The Royalty Heap Once Again

Does not seem to matter if the Texas Longhorns sports programs are struggling or not, they still stand at the top when it comes to royalties. In fact, this is the eighth straight year the Longhorns have hooked the competition. Texas fans are some of the most loyal in the sport, so this should not come as a surprise to anyone.
The University of Alabama came in second, followed by Kentucky (5), LSU (6), Florida (7), Georgia (8) and Arkansas (10), which broke the top 10 for the first time. Notre Dame (3), University of Michigan (4) and UNC (9) rounded out the top 10.
As you can see there was a bunch SEC schools in the list which can be expected when you have a conference with some of the best teams around.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mack Brown And Texas Must Show Results Or It Could Cost Brown His Job

Mack Brown and the Texas Longhorns were on the top of College Football from 2005-2009 with a combined record of  58-8. Longhorn fans were so happy with Mack Brown he could have run for governor in the state and probably would have won by a landslide. Fast forward to 2013 and he is on the hot seat in Texas. From 2010-2012 Brown had a record of 22-16. In the land of Hook'em Horns that will not cut it. Win conference championships and getting to National Championship games is all Texas Longhorn fans want to see. Brown has spoiled them and now he must deliver something good in 2013 or he could be looking for a new job.

Where Mack Brown has struggled in recent years is in the recruiting field. Texas still gets great talent, but not like they use to anymore. Athletes are choosing schools like Ohio State, Alabama, and others instead of Texas. Brown needs to change that and in hurry if he wants to keep his job. Everyone knows Mack Brown is a great coach, but you have to get talent in your program year after year. brown must win the conference in 2013 or he could be looking for another job. Mediocrity is something that Longhorn fans will not take even from a guy like Mack Brown.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Texas Quarterback Garrett Gilbert Decides To Transfer

This really should not come as a surprise after losing his starting quarterback job and being booed by the Texas faithful. Texas quarterback Garrett Gilbert, who lost his starting job after two games and then had season-ending shoulder surgery, plans to transfer. Gilbert was given an unconditional release from his scholarship to find another school. In a statement released Wednesday, Gilbert did not say where he planned to go, but indicated he has visited several schools and will visit more while finishing this semester at Texas.

For Gilbert he did not really get the support he needed it seems. Once Colt McCoy's brother came to Texas it seems things changed for Gilbert. He has talent and he will land on his feet somewhere. He was thrusted into the National spotlight in the National Championship game, and it seems he has not fully recovered form that at times. He will be fine, but will not longer be a Texas Longhorn where he hoped to finish his college career.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Texas Longhorns Make A Change At Quarterback

It seems the love affair with Garrett Gilbert was short lived as he is now on the bench while Case McCoy Colt McCoy's younger brother and David Ash will handle the quarterback duties for the Longhorns. Gilbert threw two interceptions against BYU and was booed by the home crowd. Gilbert had a decent season last year, but it seems for now he will be on the bench for the Texas Longhorns. Another change is Freshman Malcolm Brown is listed as the starting tailback after leading Texas in rushing the first two games.

Mack Brown is a guy who wants to keep his job and he knows that unless Texas gets wins and move up the rankings he could be looking for a new job. Longhorn fans want results and if Brown cannot get them they will bring someone else in. Case McCoy and David Ash are young, but Brown is hoping they can get the job done for the Longhorns. If not this could be Mack Brown's last year as Texas Longhorn coach.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Can Texas Hook Another Big 12 Championship?

Mack Brown and the Texas Longhorns were not satisfied with a 5-7 season and that will not continue to fly in Austin Texas either where College Football is King. Many times you spoil people and that is what Mack Brown and his Texas Longhorns has done. Can they turn it around in 2011 and grab another Big 12 Championship? They can, but it will take some work from the Longhorn players and even Coach Mack Brown has to be better.

The first order of business for the Longhorns will be who will be their quarterback. Will Colt McCoy's brother Case take over as quarterback, or will it be Garrett Gilbert again this season. Look for Gilbert to be the starting quarterback as he is a talented guy, but he will need help from others on offense as well.

Maybe the one area that the Longhorns need the most help is on defense. They were terrible on defense last year giving up huge chunks of yardage. This has to stop if they have any chance at a Big 12 Championship. Now there prime challenge will be a loaded Oklahoma team. Mack Brown and the Texas Longhorns have had great success against the Sooners in the past. Do not discount this Longhorn team, as it seems when you count Mack Brown out he has a few tricks up his sleeve.

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