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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tim Tebow Makes His Jet's Debut

Tim Tebow was brought to the New York Jets with a lot of fanfare, but in his first pre-season game there was nothing real super about his performance. He did run around a little, and threw one interception on a 5 for 9 night. Tebow is a good scrambler, but you cannot tell much from a pre-season game. Tebow is expected to excite New York and he may before it’s all said and done.

Last night though it was an average performance for a pre-season game. People expect great things from him no matter if it is a pre-season game or regular season. He does put people in the seats and that is a good thing for football. When the season starts though he will be on the bench getting in on special plays designed for him. Tebow may get his chance in New York, but only if the starting quarterback gets hurt. Tebow is still a work in progress and I think the New York Jets understand this when they got him. For his legion of fans they want to see him no matter how good or bad he plays.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Can Tim Tebow Handle The New York Pressure?

Now that Tim Tebow is officially a New York Jet can he handle this tough market. Most people who go to New York the first time is all smile just like Tim Tebow happens to be. Over time, they learn that this is a very tough market and has become even tougher one. If Tim Tebow struggles he will hear the boo birds very quickly and without hesitation. This is why it is in Tebow's best interest to start quickly and have a very good season. This way he can keep the Jets fans on his side.

In the end if Tim Tebow wants to have a productive career in New York he must be steady from the start. This means he must perform at a very high level when called upon. Most people who struggle playing in the New York market just cannot handle the expectations pace on you. It is a different kind of market, but one where the fans treat you well if you play well. It's all ion Tim Tebow's hands now and the question is how will he handle it.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Will Tim Tebow Trade Come Back To Haunt The Broncos?

The Denver Broncos sent Tim Tebow packing once they knew they had Peyton Manning under lock and key. Was this a wise move by Denver? In my opinion this move could come back to haunt the Denver Broncos. It is a good move if the Broncos win a Super Bowl, but what happens if Manning gets hurt again. They will be in a lot of trouble. Tebow could have learned a lot of things from Peyton Manning to improve his game.

Trading Tebow away is not a move I like by the Broncos. John Elway made a lot of great moves, but I do not think this was one of his better moves. Getting Manning was a great, but having a good back-up is also critical. I think Tim Tebow would have been an excellent backup plan, but now that is not possible. I guess we will have to see how this all plays out for Tim Tebow.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

49ers, Patriots Move On In NFL Playoffs

The New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers gave the NFL one of the best games in the post-season so far. After falling behind to the 49ers 17-0 the Saints battled back all game long. In the fourth quarter it was a back and forth game with little defense played. In the end, the San Francisco 49ers were able to come away with a thrilling 36-32 win over the game New Orleans Saints. It's a shame one of these two teams had to lose as both played well.

In the other game it was marketed as Tim Tebow vs Tom Brady if that was the case it was not much of a match-up. Tom Brady showed why he is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL by throwing six touchdown passes to an easy 45-10 win over the Broncos. Tebow struggled and was sacked numerous times. The Patriots play well at home and when Brady plays well the Patriots are very hard to stop.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Tim Tebow Shocks His Critics With Winning Performance Against the Steelers

Tim Tebow has played on many big stages before, so he knows what to expect. Against the Pittsburgh Steelers everyone thought Tebow would struggle against the leagues no.1 defense, but that was not the case. Tebow threw for over 300 yards and connected on a touchdown pass in overtime to give the Broncos a 29-23 win. I will be the first to admit I did not give the Broncos or Tebow much of a chance that's for sure.

The Broncos run the ball well and passed even better against a Pittsburgh defense that looked old and tired. The Steelers had their chances, but did not make the most of them. You have to credit the Broncos and Tim Tebow with the Steelers having an off-night I guess. No matter what Tebow-mania will keep moving for at least another day it seems. People love Tim Tebow and he sure did not hurt his stock any with yesterday's performance that's for sure.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Has Tim Tebow And Broncos Lost Their Magic?

The Denver Broncos are headed to the playoffs for the first time in a long time. but it wasn't because of Tim Tebow or what the team did on their own. Others lost and handed them the AFC West Title, but they will take it. Tebow went against his former teammate and looked horrible. Tebow was 6 of 22 passes for 60 yards and had a critical red zone fumble. If you have those kind of numbers you will never beat any NFL team. Next up for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Pittsburgh's defense is one of the best in the league and I can imagine Tim Tebow is in for a long day against the Steelers. Tebow has not seen anything that will come at him like the Steelers. You thought the numbers against the Chiefs were bad wait until the Steelers come to town. It could be a make or break game in Tim Tebow's career. Unless he plays better it looks like the magic has worn off Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Brady vs Tebow Is This Really Fair

Yes, Tom Brady and Tim Tebow will each try to get their team a win, but to compare them is just not fair at all. Brady has won multiple Super Bowls and has stats that Tebow will probably only dream about. Each quarterback does it their own way, and get the results their teams need. There really is no comparing these two as one is head and shoulders above the other.

Tim Tebow has been winning games at the end, but that will end this Sunday. Brady will show Tebow all about winning and how it is done. Look for Coach Bill to throw in some wrinkles to rattle the young Tebow into mistakes. Once these mistakes are made the veteran Tom Brady will show Tim Tebow why he is a sure fire Hall Of Famer. Nope this match-up is not really fair, but as I have learned in the past you can never count Tim Tebow out.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Don't Count Tim Tebow Out Just Yet As Broncos Win 38-24

It looks like no matter how hard we try to write off Denver Broncos Tim Tebow he survives another week. Tim Tebow was not great against the Oakland Raiders going 10-21 for 124 yards and two touchdowns. The most important stat though is the Broncos won the game by a score of 38-24. What really help Tebow in this game was Willis McGahee rushed for 163 yards and Tebow added 117. If the Broncos get those kind of numbers every week from those two players they have a chance to win.

Back to Tim Tebow and his play at quarterback. He was not real effective, but he is getting a little better. The offense is being designed more around what he can do and that will help him out a lot. Tebow still does not look very comfortable, and it may take awhile before he is that's for sure. Give Tebow time and he may just become an NFL quarterback. That is something his critics do not want to hear, but it is a distinct possibility.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Tim Tebow Making Smart Decisions Even From The Bench

I know my readers love Tim Tebow, so I could not resist writing about his latest exploits
Okay I will admit it I am no Tim Tebow fan and I have been one of his most vocal critics, but this post is to defend Tim Tebow for once. I know this maybe the only time you see me defend Tim Tebow, so enjoy it for what it's worth. Kyle Orton is struggling at quarterback and the fans want Tim Tebow, which is something that can be expected. The fans love Tebow and it is understandable that they want to see their guy.

The fans had planned to buy billboard space and lobbying for Tim Tebow to be the quarterback. Now Tebow stepped in and said he would rather have the fans donate the money to charity instead, which was a great move on Tebow. I never said Tebow was dumb just do not think he is an NFL quarterback that’s all. Tim Tebow told his fans he will wait his turn and when given an opportunity he will take advantage of it.

Tim Tebow is saying all the right things and making the right decisions right now. For that, I must commend Tim Tebow, so for now I will not get on his back as much. Unless he starts playing then I can give my opinion of his play. Having a quarterback controversy is not good for a football team and it was great to see Tebow squash it right away. Now he can go back to holding the clipboard for the time being.

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