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Saturday, March 1, 2014

What Has Happened To America's Team?

No time soon will Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, Drew Pearson, Troy Aikman, or Emmitt Smith will be walking through the locker room for the Dallas Cowboys. What has happened to America's Team? There was a time when you would always see the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs and vying for Championships. Right now for Dallas Cowboy fans that is just a distant memory. Can the Dallas Cowboys be fixed?

Jerry Jones took over the Cowboys and many people point towards him as the reason for the Cowboys downward spiral. I will agree with that to a certain point. Jones needs to hire better personel to run the organization and draft then he has right now. The draft has not been kind to Jones in recent years. Drafting helps build yopur organization and the Cowboys have dropped the ball on this one.

The second group you can blame this on is the players. It's true the Cowboys do not have the cream of the crop, but at times they are just plain lazy. Players must do more if they hope to win. At times I have watched Cowboy players just stand around. There really is no quick fix for them. Everyone must take accountability if they hope to be a contender once again.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Is Tony Romo Still The Answer In Dallas?

Tony Romo has had a roller coaster career in Dallas and since he started his career there always have been rumblings he is not the guy to lead the Dallas Cowboys to another Super Bowl. With another season in the books should Dallas rethink the direction they are headed. Moving up in the draft is an option, and grabbing a  quarterback is not out of the relam for Jerry Jones.

The truth is Tony Romo is a good quarterback and is paid well to lead the Dallas Cowboys. Jerry Jones believes in him and it looks like he is going to ride this horse for awhile. Cowboys fans are tired of seeing no results though and that is never a good thing. Jerry Jones needs to surround Romo with not so much better players, but ones that play more consistent.

There will be times the offense plays great and other times in the game they cannot even get a first down. Dez Bryant is a talented guy, but he is only one guy. The Cowboys need more play makers if Romo is going to be more successful. Maybe Jerry Jones will grab some play makers in the draft for Romo, but I doubt it he does not draft real well it seems.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Cowboys Miss Playoffs Again Not Romo's Fault This Time

For the last few years everyone wanted to jump on Tony Romo for failing to get the Cowboys to the playoffs. This season the Cowboys again had a chance at the playoffs only to see a late interception end there chances for the post-season. Kyle Orton played in place of Tony Romo who had back surgery and was unable to play for the Cowboys.

Kyle Orton did not play bad, but the interception killed him at the end. You cannot put this all on Orton as he did not have a hand in the other Cowboy losses. The bottom line is the Dallas Cowboys should have never been in this position in the first place. If they would have take care of business like they should they would have already clinched a playoff berth.

Many questions now surround the Dallas Cowboys and there coach Jason Garrett. Will Garrett be back as Cowboys coach. It's hard to say as you never know with Jerry Jones. Either way something must change as the Dallas Cowboys cannot continue to miss the playoffs.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Is Tony Romo The Most Overpaid QB?

Tony Romo has been in the league a few years and maybe he is worth the 108 million dollar deal, but as I look at the bigger picture I say HELL NO! Romo has comparable numbers to most of his peers. The one glaring weakness is wins in the playoffs and getting your team there on a consistent basis. Romo's leadership has also been brought into question as well. There has been times you wonder what Tony Romo is thinking as he runs the Cowboy's offense. My question is why in the heck give it to a guy who in the off-season seems to put football secondary.

Now I do hear this season Romo is more committed to football, but talk does not win football games. Romo needs to show it on the field of pay as well. The Cowboys owner gave Romo more money they he deserved and hopefully it will not come back to bite him. Only time will tell but this could be another million dollar mistake that Jerry Jones has made.

In Jerry Jones defense what other options did he really have left. He is stuck with Romo and he knows it. He did not want it to look like he made a mistake, so he is going to home Tony Romo finally can get it right. For The Cowboy's sake I hope he is right.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Does The Dallas Cowboys Still Have A Chance At The Playoffs?

It has been a up and down season for Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys so far in 2012. This does not mean you should count them out just yet. The Dallas Cowboys beat the Cleveland Browns in overtime by a score of 23-20. Yes, it was not really very impressive, but a win is a win. People never judge you on how you got the end result as long as you got it. The Dallas Cowboys head into Thanksgiving week at 5-5 and a chance to improve on that Thanksgiving Day when they play the Redskins.

The Cowboys have a tough upcoming schedule, so it will not be easy to make the playoffs, but you never know. Another loss could really hurt their chances, so they need to remain perfect to make the playoffs. Everyone knows the Dallas Cowboys are talented, but they just never are able to produce on the football field like they should. If they did we would not be talking about making the playoffs, but winning a division title.

The Dallas Cowboys are a team that sometimes is hard to figure out that's for sure. At times, they look like they can beat anyone, and other times they cannot beat the worse teams in the NFL. If they ever could come into a season dedicated to winning they would be very good. I don't know why it is such a struggle for them, but with all the egos that could have something to do with it. Right now they will be happy to sneak into the playoffs and so will Cowboy fans as well.

Monday, June 25, 2012

How Much Longer Can The Dallas Cowboys Stick With Tony Romo?

The Dallas Cowboys have some serious decisions coming into the season. What direction they want to go, but most of all how much longer can they go with Tony Romo at quarterback. Jerry Jones feels he is the quarterback to lead them to the Super Bowl, but others are not so sure he is the answer to the Cowboys issues. Romo has played well at times, but has also cot them games in the process. Tony Romo just does not seem the right fit in my mind for the Dallas Cowboys at quarterback.

One of the biggest problems the Cowboys have is they do not have anyone to take Romo's place. Jon Kitna, Kyle Orton, and Stephen McGee are not names that will scare any NFL defense these days. This means the Dallas Cowboys will need to have Tony Romo be their No.1 quarterback for the time being. At some point though the Dallas Cowboys may need to decide Tony Romo is just not what they need. The sooner they make this decision I think the better the Dallas Cowboys can get in the future.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Don't Blame Tony Romo He Does Need Help

Over the last few years I have watch Tony Romo make some amazing plays and I have also seen him make some horrible plays as well. This is what Cowboys have when you watch Tony Romo play for four quarters. Is it time to move on from Tony Romo? Many Cowboy fans have asked me that question and I always give them the same answer no way. There are many reasons the Dallas Cowboys should not blame all their troubles at the feet of Tony Romo.

Here are the many reasons Tony Romo is going to be around for awhile. The first reason is Jerry Jones is paying him a lot of money, so he will be given a chance to take the Cowboys to a Super Bowl. The second main reason and many Cowboy fans don't like to hear this one it is not all Romo's fault. It is true the quarterback is usually the one that takes all the heat and reaps all the rewards. In Romo's case he has not had as much help as he should have during his time as a starter.

There are four main reasons Tony Romo has struggled as quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. The offensive line, wide receivers, running backs, and his own ego. Let us look at each one of these. Quarterbacks that do well in the NFL that have a offensive line that has been together for a long time. Without an offensive line nothing else will work well. Dallas has never had an offensive line for Romo that was consistent and that has hurt Romo. It should be the responsibility of managers (who have graduated from sports management colleges) to create an excellent team.

Another area that the Cowboys have struggle in recent years is a running game. Yes, the Cowboys have had 1,000 yard rushers, but it always seems year after year they get away from who did well the year before. Until the Cowboys get a consistent running game Romo will continue to struggle. Wide receivers have been the same as the running game as well. Besides Jason Witten the Cowboys really have not had a wide receiver that Romo could rely on.

Lastly, Tony Romo has not realized what it means to wear the Dallas Cowboys Star and be a Cowboys quarterback. he is getting better at it, but still has a long way to go. Combine all of these things and you can see why Tony Romo Struggles. In my book though he still is the guy the Cowboys need to lead them.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Can Tony Romo Save The Dallas Cowboys Season?

Tony Romo all season long has had a lot of pressure put on his shoulders, but nothing like it will be this weekend against the New York Giants. Tony Romo is expected to play even though he has a banged up hand. All season long Romo has made a habit of making mistakes that has cost his team. This week it will be Tony Romo the Dallas Cowboys turn to for a miracle. Romo has the ability to play well and can get the job done, but he cannot do it alone.

Romo will need help from others if he is going to be able to play the whole game. Wide receivers and the running game need to take some of the pressure off of Romo. Many times this season the Dallas Cowboys have screwed up at the end and it has cost them games. Now they are hoping a banged up Tony Romo can breath life into them and get them into the playoffs. The one thing about Tony Romo is you never know what your going to get. If you get the good Tony Romo the Dallas Cowboys will be heading to the playoffs. If the bad one shows up it will be a long and tough off-season in Cowboy land.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Can Romo And The Cowboys Derail The Patriots?

Tony Romo has not had the kind of season he expected, but that can change with a win over the New England Patriots. A loss here is something the Cowboys really cannot afford right now. After letting the Detroit Lions roar back after they had a big lead is something Cowboy fans do not like one bit. For Romo he has melted down in the fourth quarter of games and he cannot let that happen against the Patriots.

The Patriots will come with a lot of pressure and Romo better be ready for it. Can the Cowboys beat the Patriots? They can if Tony Romo has better ball security and makes smart decisions. If he does not it could be another long day for Romo and Dallas Cowboy fans everywhere. This is a game that could turn the Cowboys season one way or another. it's all in Tony Romo's hands and what he does could determine the Cowboys fate rest of the season.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Is It Time The Cowboys Think About Replacing Tony Romo?

The Dallas Cowboys and their fans have to be scratching their heads once again as Tony Romo let them down again. After building a huge lead against the undefeated Detroit Lions Tony Romo started giving the Lions free gifts in the form of interceptions that were turned into touchdowns. It seems Tony Romo has made it an art in losing games for the Cowboys the last few years. Is it time Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys think about replacing Tony Romo?

Tony Romo has proven to put up great numbers, but is he the guy that can lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl. The way it looks right now he just cannot handle the pressure when it really counts. How many more losses will take before Jerry Jones has seriously consider making a move. Yes, Romo has proven he can win games, but he has not proven he can take the next step.

Until Romo can start finishing games Jerry Jones may want to start looking for other options. Yes, Cowboys fans deserve better and not knowing when Romo will meltdown is never a good thing. Unless Romo, starts finishing games it is time for Jerry Jones to make some changes in the future.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tony Romo Plays Hurt And Shut's His Critics Up

Last week everyone blamed Tony Romo for the Cowboys opening season loss, but those critics cannot have nothing but good things to say about Romo now. Playing with a fractured rib Romo was able to rally the Dallas Cowboys to a 27-24 overtime win over the San Francisco 49ers on the road. Romo hit Jesse Holley on a 77-yard completion on the Cowboys’ first play of overtime that set up Dan Bailey’s winning 19-yard field goal. Just a week ago Romo was the goat, but now for awhile this should shut-up a few of his critics who questioned him and his ability to make plays.

Romo completed 20 of 33 passes for 345 yards and was in a lot of pain after the game. The San Francisco 49ers have to feel they let one get away. This is a game they probably should have won, but give the Cowboys and Romo credit for fighting back and getting the win in overtime. It's wins like this that can define your season. The next thing the Cowboys have to worry about is Romo's health for his next game.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Tony Romo Has Another Cowboy Meltdown In Loss To Jets

Tony Romo can look like the next coming of Roger Staubach, but at times he can also have meltdowns that cost the Dallas Cowboys games. Last night, he had another one of his meltdowns as the Dallas Cowboys lost to the New York Jets by a score of 27-24. It looked like the Cowboys and Romo were going to start the season out right, but Romo fumbled and threw an interception in the final seconds to seal the Cowboys fate.

Throughout his career Tony Romo has made it a habit of costing his team games. Last night, his teammates came to his defense, but how much longer can they do that when he is costing them games. It would be okay if Romo had led the Cowboys to a Super Bowl, but he has not. Everyone knows in the league that Romo buckles under pressure and against good teams it always seems to happen. There is going to come a time when Jerry Jones is going to have to rethink his decision about Romo being the guy to lead the Cowboys. If losses keep piling up like this changes may need to be made.

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