Saturday, November 5, 2011

What Should The Next Moves Be For The Brewers

No that the season is over the Milwaukee Brewers have some thinking to do. Prince Fielder is a free agent and a number guys on the team are as well. Milwaukee did decline the option on Francisco Rodriguez, so he is free to go. Milwaukee was never going to keep him anyways, so it was not a big loss. Yuniesky Betancourt was another player that the Brewers are releasing and will be getting a buyout like Rodriguez. I do not look for Betancourt to be back at all.

Milwaukee needs to make a decision Fielder soon as they must either move forward or try to make some kind of good offer towards him. I love Fielder, but as I have written before letting him go is the Brewers best option. Milwaukee needs a good everyday shortstop and the money we spend on Fielder can help the Brewers in many other ways. Fielder will be missed, but sometimes you just have to move on.

Getting more starting pitching is something the Brewers need to look into as well. Third base is another question mark for Milwaukee. Will they give Casey McGehee another chance, or will they groom someone else for that position. As you can see the Milwaukee Brewers have many questions they must get answers to and real soon.

NFL Schedule Nov 6-7, 2011

Sunday, Nov 6

1:00pm ET

1:00pm ET

NY Jets
1:00pm ET

1:00pm ET

San Francisco
1:00pm ET

Tampa Bay
New Orleans
1:00pm ET

Kansas City
1:00pm ET

4:05pm ET

4:05pm ET

NY Giants
New England
4:15pm ET

St. Louis
4:15pm ET

Green Bay
San Diego
4:15pm ET

8:20pm ET

Monday, Nov 7

8:30pm ET

Early College Football Scores Nov 5, 2011

Saturday, Nov 5

Minnesota 24
15 Michigan St 31

13 Michigan 16
Iowa 24

Louisville 38
24 W Virginia 35

New Mex St 16
18 Georgia 63

Purdue 17
19 Wisconsin 62
Northwestern 28
9 Nebraska 25

Kyle Bush Parked For Weekend After Truck Race Incident

Kyle Busch learned that Nascar does not take kindly to wrecking others on caution laps no matter what happens. Ron Hornaday Jr. was the guy that rubbed Busch the wrong way and he found out that you do not mess with Kyle Busch. For Busch Nascar decided his punishment would be no more racing this weekend. Busch could even be in for more come Monday when Nascar usually hands out fines and other things. For now though all Kyle Busch has to serve is a weekend penalty, buy it could have been a lot worse for him.

Below is the video of the incident check it out!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs Producer Of Comfortable Medical Scrubs

Most medical and nursing professionals will tell you having something comfortable to wear can make all the difference in the world. Doctors and nurses can be on their feet for long hours doing a variety of different tasks. This is why they need a scrub that will be able to take the rigors of everyday use. Blue Sky Scrubs are designed to take whatever comes their way. Check this link out to see some of the great products from Blue Sky Scrubs

Picking the right uniform to wear on the job can make all the difference. Blue Sky Scrubs are popular for many reasons, but durability and comfort always seem to come to mind the most. From the design of their scrubs and uniforms to their customer service, Blue Sky Scrubs take pride in everything. By visiting their website, you can enter their contest with a Grand Prize of a $1,000 Dollar Blue Sky Scrubs Shopping Spree. Now besides getting the best scrubs in the industry you may just win a nice prize as well. No purchase is necessary to enter or win. Join the fun at Blue Sky Scrubs where the customer always comes first.

College Football Schedule Nov 4-5, 2011

This weekend in College Football some great games on tap. No.1 vs No2 LSU and Alabama should be the highlight of the day, but South Carolina and Arkansas should also be interesting. I am watching the Oregon and Washington game as it could be much closer as Washington has really improved. A great weekend for College Football.

Friday, Nov 4

21 USC
9:00pm ET

Saturday, Nov 5

15 Michigan St
12:00pm ET

13 Michigan
12:00pm ET

24 W Virginia
12:00pm ET

New Mex St
18 Georgia
12:30pm ET

19 Wisconsin
3:30pm ET

9 Nebraska
3:30pm ET

Texas A&M
7 Oklahoma
3:30pm ET

4 Stanford
Oregon St
3:30pm ET

14 Houston
7:00pm ET

23 Cincinnati
7:00pm ET

10 S Carolina
8 Arkansas
7:15pm ET

20 Arizona St
7:30pm ET

17 Kansas St
3 Okla St
8:00pm ET

2 Alabama
8:00pm ET

5 Boise St
10:30pm ET

6 Oregon
10:30pm ET

Divers Know The Value Of A Good Wetsuit

To the average person any wetsuit will do the job for them. If you ask any diver, you definitely will get a much different opinion. The truth is not all wetsuits are created equal, and getting the best is what every diver wants. Body Glove has been on the cutting edge with innovations for both men and women when it comes to the wetsuit.

A comfortable fit and the ability to be able to move around freely is very important to most divers. This is when it is time to look at wetsuits most divers always choose Body Glove the industry's leader. Most people do not realize that Body Glove has been an industry leader when it comes wetsuits for women as well. They give women a comfortable fit with the ability for them to be in the water for a very long time.

When it comes time to get your next wetsuit do not skimp on quality. Everyone chooses Body Glove for a reason. Divers know wetsuits better than anyone does, and Body Glove is the choice of these professionals as well. The vapor wetsuit is just another example why Body Glove leads the way when it comes to wetsuits.

Tom Brady Playing With House Money Right Now

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