Friday, May 25, 2012

Can Anyone Stop D-Wade And Lebron From The Title?

The Miami Heat are moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals and Dwayne Wade and Lebron James are the reason they are there right now. Both players played well in the Indiana series and when was called upon delivered in the clutch. Can this be the year Lebron gets his title? It looks like the Miami Heat could win the title this year, but still have a few obstacles to overcome to make it there and win it all. First, the Boston Celtics stand in their way if they make it to the Eastern Conference Finals. Boston has given the full Heat squad troubles all season long.

San Antonio and Oklahoma City will not be an easy out either. The Spurs and Thunder both present some tough challenges for the Miami Heat if they make it back to the NBA Finals. The Heat will need Wade and James to play super and more contributions from the bench if they have any hopes of winning an NBA title. No matter how good these two play they will still need some help. The question is will they get it when they need it most. If they do they could become NBA champions.

MLB Schedule May 25, 2012

Kansas City
7:05pm ET

Chi Cubs
7:05pm ET

7:10pm ET

Tampa Bay
7:10pm ET

San Diego
NY Mets
7:10pm ET

San Francisco
7:10pm ET

7:35pm ET

8:05pm ET

Chi White Sox
8:10pm ET

8:10pm ET

St. Louis
8:15pm ET

9:40pm ET

NY Yankees
10:05pm ET

LA Dodgers
10:10pm ET

LA Angels
10:10pm ET

MLB Scores May 24, 2012

Detroit 1
Cleveland 2

San Francisco 14
Miami 7

Atlanta 3
Cincinnati 6

San Diego 11
NY Mets 5

Minnesota 8
Chi White Sox 11

Philadelphia 10
St. Louis 9

LA Angels 3
Seattle 0

Monday, May 21, 2012

Stan Van Gundy And Otis Smith Shown The Door In Orlando

This was something we knew would happen as it was just when the axe would fall on Coach Stan Van Gundy and GM Otis Smith. Both of these men had issues with Dwight Howard and it looks like Orlando has taken Dwight Howard's side in all of this in the end. Orlando's official statement was they wanted new voices in this position. The real truth is Dwight Howard did not want them around and that is why they were shown the door. As a coach Stan van Gundy has average 55 wins for the Magic. With some of the teams he had that was a great job coaching. Besides Dwight Howard Van Gundy really did not have any top notch players. Most of the people he was given were either past their prime or basically a role player. I give Stan Van Gundy a lot of credit for the Magic success. Where do the Magic go from here? I am sure they will ask Dwight Howard what kind of coach he wants as it seems he has a lot of input into this. If the Magic fail to make the playoffs this coming season this will be a black mark on the organization. Letting a player determine the fate of your coach and others is just not the way to go.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Inspirational Coaches

Even those who have never played any competitive sports understand the inspirational effect a coach can have on a team. A coach's inspirational ability is often based on merely a reputation to inspire. In other words, they are role models that can impart strength, endurance and passion just by looking angry, wry, or pensive. Inspiration, coaches and big happy smiles are not generally associative things.
When it comes to coaches, inspiration rarely comes in the form of a conversational tone. It's either animated shouting, or a kind of disgruntled gruffness. There are different "inspirational poses" as well. Here's a classic basketball coach pose. One arm lays across the stomach holding the opposite arm just under the elbow The hand on the supported arm is placed around the chin with one thumb on the left cheek, and the index finger on the other. I'm inspired just imagining it.
Let's take a look at inspirational coaches across the different leagues and around the world. There has to be some secret as to why a 5 foot 10 inch Scott Brooks can motivate men who could probably dunk on him.
  • Lou Piniella – Inspirational coaches increase their inspiration-quotient exponentially when they themselves were former great players. Lou was a good baseball player, and also a fan-favorite, which he used to his advantage throughout his coaching days. His main inspirational tool was anger. If you did not lay that sacrifice bunt down, he would put the fear of God into you. If you got called out on a bad call, Piniella would put the fear of God into the ump on your behalf. So, coaches, if you can put the fear of God into people, you were a former good player, and were and are a fan favorite, it's likely you are going to be an inspirational coach.
  • Phil Jackson – Now, this guy had inspiration figured out. Smug, knowing smiles, exasperated gestures reeking of self-entitlement (probably deserved entitlement), and valuing the six inches between his athletes' heads more than their wingspan, Phil Jackson uses Zen inspiration. He says things like this to inspire: "If you meet Buddha in the lane, feed him the ball." He also had an incredibly successful career. Although, for the purpose of this post, let's just ignore the fact that he always coached basketball teams with some of the all-time greats on them. So, in honor of Phil Jackson's ability to inspire, just remember that, "Good teams become great ones when the members trust each other enough to surrender the Me for the We."
  • Vince Lombardi – In order to have the trophy for one the world's most popular sporting events, the Super Bowl, named after you, you probably inspired someone. Vince Lombardi has inspired players, coaches, playwrights – you name it, he's inspired them. Check this quote out: "The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price."
  • John Wooden – College coaches always have to be inspirational. This is because they are coaching young kids. In other words, a college coach not only has to coach his players in terms of the sport, but also in terms of life. John Wooden is not only the most successful coach of all time (obviously debatable, but let's go with it), he has a pyramid of success with his quotes and an epic picture of him thinking in the background. But in all seriousness, John Wooden represents an aspect of coaching that is largely undervalued in today's world of multi-million professional athletes, specifically, athletic competition is not the end of the road for the vast majority of participants. However, success always requires the same thing: the drive to succeed and work for that success.
If you are interested in the larger implications of coaching in an academic environment, check out the degrees that could allow you to work in this kind of coaching context.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Golf Balls Can They Change Your Game

Golf is a game where everything must work together from the golfer to the equipment that he chooses to use. The majority of new and inexperience golfers do not realize what a difference golf balls can make in their game. If you are playing with older golf balls you may want to think about making a change as soon as possible. Many golfers lack the ability to drive the ball as far as their friends. Giving Srixon Trispeed golf balls a try maybe something to look at. They give you greater distance and can help you in other parts of your game.

Most golfers thing that a better golf ball means more distance and while that is true they can also do other things as well. Today's premium golf balls have the ability to help you in other parts of your game. One of the most important thing in golf is spin control around the green. If you have more control over your golf game this will translate into lower scores. Golf balls are not like they were years now you can pick a ball that is suited more for the type of game you play. In turn this can only help you improve as a golfer.

NBA Scores May 1, 2012

Boston 87
Atlanta 80
Series tied 1-1

Philadelphia 109
Chicago 92
Series tied 1-1

Denver 100
LA Lakers 104
Lakers lead series 2-0

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