Wednesday, December 13, 2017

When Will King James Slow Down?

No matter how good of an athlete you maybe father time always catches up with you. Even the greatest of all-time have fell victim to father time. Lebron James seems for the time being putting father time on hold.

Going onto his 15th NBA season what he is doing is remarkable. James is averaging 28.3 pints per game, and 8.7 assists a game. Both of these are above his career average. James does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Father time will catch James eventually, but the way he takes care of his body it may take a little longer for him to catch King James. NBA fans will not mind it as watching James play the game he loves is something to behold. It will be interesting to see if King James slows down at all this season. The way it looks that answer would be no.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Will Hue Jackson Get Another Year In Cleveland?

Hue Jackson is hoping this isn't the end of the road for him, but with a record of 1-26 as Browns coach, many think he will be let go. I tell people that is not a done deal just yet. We are talking about the Cleveland Browns and they are always dysfunctional, so you never know what could happen with Hue Jackson. Let's look at why Hue Jackson could be given one more year to right the ship.

The amazing part with a record of 1-26 almost half of the fans of the Browns want him back as their coach. Now I really don't think ownership looks at polls, but it is a telling stat. Jackson still has a following in Cleveland no matter the record. Another important thing that Hue Jackson has going for him his team has not quit on him. Most teams that are 1-26 usually quit, but his team has not. You can credit him or his players, but that's a very important thing he has going for himself.

Do I think Hue Jackson deserves another year? That's tough to answer, but you have to ask yourself is there someone better to do the job. I think front office changes are needed first. Getting football people in the decision making would make a big difference. I mean when you can't get a trade completed you have some serious issues. I expect Hue Jackson to be back another year, but the leash will be very short and he will need to win quickly n 2018.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Big Plans For Josh Gordon In His First Game Back?

When your team is 0-11 and have not really done much this season you will try anything to get that first win. Josh Gordon will be activated for the game his first since 2014. Hue Jackson has big plans for his wideout, but I would not expect much from him in his first game back. It is a lot different than practice and he has not really played in three years. No matter how good you happen to be it takes time to get back into the swing of thing. Will Joh Gordon help the Browns? The quick answer is yes, but not as much as people think.

If Gordon comes out and plays good teams will double team him because the reality is the Browns do not have anyone else of his caliber that is consistent. Until they get that Gordon will be limited in what he can do. The other big thing is how will he work with Deshon Kizer in the game. Practice is one thing, but in the game is another type of animal.

Getting Josh Gordon back helps the Cleveland Browns in the long term, but it does not guarantee any wins. If Browns fans think Josh Gordon is the savior they are sadly mistaken. The one thing he does bring is a player Kizer can count on catching the ball if he can stay clean and on the field of play. Let's hope that Gordon stays clean and can be a productive wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns for years to come.

Does Alabama Or Ohio State Deserve A Spot In The College Football Playoffs

Alabama finds themselves on the outside looking when it comes to the College Football Playoff this season. Everyone had them penciled in until Auburn shocked college football with a win in the Iron Bowl. Now there are many scenarios where The Crimson Tide could be out of the College Football Playoffs even with just one loss. What team could be the one that unseats Alabama? None other than the Ohio State Buckeyes. Are these the same Buckeyes with two bad losses, yep the same ones.

Ohio State could make a strong case for making the playoffs with a Big Ten Championship. All the Buckeyes need to do is beat undefeated Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship game. The way Ohio State is playing this is a good possibility. There are no guarantees for the Buckeyes, but the committee does love Conference Champions which Ohio State would be with a win.

The perfect scenario for The Crimson Tide is an Ohio State Loss which would help their case for the College Football Playoff. If the Buckeyes win Alabama could be eliminated from the playoff after a great season. This is why we need to add more teams to this playoff format. No matter how this ends up someone will not be very happy.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Nebraska Fire Riley But That Won't Stop Freefall

The Nebraska Cornhuskers parted ways with Coach Mike Riley after a dismal season yesterday. Firing him was a fore gone conclusion, but no matter who they bring in its a long climb up. Scott Frost is the guys Nebraska's faithful want to see, but that might not happen. Personally I do not want to see him get the job. Even though he has done a great job in Florida the competition level is much different then the Big Ten,

One of the biggest problems is getting top tier talent to Nebraska no matter whom the coach happens to be. The reality is Nebraska is no longer a destination for elite players and that is a shame. The Ohio States, Alabama, and Clemson get these players now. A big name coach and recruiter is what is needed. The problem is Nebrasska has never really been able to lure top coaching talent. This is why they are in the mess they are right now.

There are no easy answers right now for Nebraska. Getting the right coach is the first step to the rebuilding process. Finding him is going to be tough as other college teams have zeroed in our there coaches already. That's the one thing I hate about Nebraska they are always so slow to make changes or work on getting what they need. I'm sure this new hire will be the same way.

The Baseball Hall Of Fame Has Become A Sham

Years ago the Baseball Hall Of Fame was created to reward the best players in baseball. Now the concept seemed great, but over the years it just has not worked out  that way. Players that should be there are still waiting on the call, and some never get it. There have been cases of players dying and not being able to enjoy the reward.

Just like anything else politics has played a role in this as well. Lowering the time a player is on a ballot is not a good thing if they do not get a  certain percentage. Then you have guys that are on the borderline of consideration like Kenny Lofton and the Crime Dog Fred McGriff. Now I am not here to say both should be there, but what do we do with players like this and what they contributed. Should we say your not good enough or you just do not measure up even though both players made big contributions to their respective teams.

I really do not know what the answer it, but right now the Baseball Hall Of Fame and the voting process needs overhauled. Too many good players are getting overlooked or waiting to long to get it and that is a sham as well.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

It's Not If They Fire Mike Riley It Is When After Another Loss

Mike Riley came to Nebraska ready to change the Huskers fortunes, but just like the coaches before him he has not been able to find success. Many people ask me whats wrong with your Cornhuskers? It's really an easy answer they are horrible in all phases of football. Let's look at whats wrong with Nebraska and what coach can fix this problem.

The number one problem with the Cornhuskers is they are not very talented at all. In fact most of the players they have are average compared to the better teams in the country. This is why you see blowouts from Wisconsin and Ohio State all the time. Those teams have more talented players and it shows every Saturday when the Cornhuskers take the field. Getting better players is something the new coach will need to work on.

As far as the coach goes the name everyone seems to want is Scott Frost. Now I do not want to disappoint Husker fans, but I do not see him coming here and changing the Huskers losing culture. Nebraska needs a big name coach who has proven to be a winner in a big time program or an assistant under a big name coach. Don't get me wrong I love Scott Frost as a coach, but he is not the answer. We need a guy who knows how to win and knows what it takes to get there right now. The problem is how does Nebraska find him. All the good coaches are locked up.

I hope Nebraska brings in a coach that has a proven track record as Nebraska fans deserve better then they have seen the last few years. It won't be easy, but the AD better start making phone calls now. Mike Riley is a good man, but was never a good fit for Nebraska Football.

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